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What is a commitment ceremony?

You Probably have come across the term ‘commitment ceremony’ and asked yourself how id it differs from a Wedding ceremony. So what does it mean, what is the difference?

A commitment ceremony is very similar to a wedding ceremony. Involves as much planning effort as a wedding ceremony. The only difference is that one is legally binding while the other is not. A commitment ceremony stands as a public affirmation of a couple’s commitment to one another, without it being recognized by the law. You don’t need a real officiant, it can be performed by a celebrant. Other than that the couple will exchange vows and rings,  often read a poem and desired rituals, that fit couple beliefs.

Commitment ceremony vs marriage ceremony.

We noticed, not everyone wants to get married or wants to have a civil partnership. Some people don’t believe in the institution of marriage and others believe that the state should not have a role in the commitment that you make to the person you love. As a result, there are many couples that choose a commitment ceremony over a legally-binding marriage ceremony. For instance, a couple who have both been in marriages previously may choose to demonstrate their love for one another through a commitment ceremony.

You are aware,  marriage was not always an option for LGBTI partners. As a consequence, some LGBTI families have found other ways to celebrate their relationships and mark their importance through such ceremonies. However, Since January 6, 2015, Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in the U.S. state of Florida, as well as all other states. Finally, same-sex couples can choose which route they prefer to go.

And still, For some same-sex couples the idea of getting married or having a civil partnership isn’t appealing or necessary. But at the same time, they may wish to celebrate their relationship and mark their commitment to each other. In these scenarios, commitment ceremonies are a good option.

It’s an alternative way to profess your love for one another without the complicated paperwork.

At Perfect Event Agency, we are excited to celebrate the decision of two people in their commitment to join their love, life-long goals, and dreams event without legal binding!  No forms, no fuss. Celebrating your relationship is an important part of maintaining the vitality of your relationship.

So What happens at the commitment ceremony?

A commitment ceremony can either be a private affair or it can be much more public. The ceremony can, for example, involve a very public declaration of your commitment to each other.  For example, we had a couple that wanted their families to know they are officially married. They chose to have a commitment ceremony instead without letting their conservative families know. As a result, everyone is happy, the couple continues to live without legal obligation to one another, and their families and friends are convinced it was a real thing!

Commitment ceremonies can focus on the sacred and involve a focus on spirituality. Alternatively, a commitment ceremony can involve a large party with little or no reference to spirituality.


Now you choose!  Select the beach wedding package to fit your style and budget, pick your date and call or email us to reserve your event.


At Perfect Event agency, We provide a celebration for all unions. Our packages were designed for anyone who is looking to celebrate their love in the company of their guests, or a simple intimate ceremony between you and your partner.

Just give us a call or fill out the contact form and we will create unforgettable Ceremony, for you and your other half!  



Things Brides wish they knew before planning a wedding!

You got engaged, the happiest moment of your life! You will get to celebrate your wedding day with the person you want to grow old with! And then enjoy the neverending honeymoon. But, once you start thinking about an actual wedding day, you might start to panic! There are so many things to do, to remember, to double check, to think of … That fear, that you’ll do something…or forget to do something… that fear might ruin your wedding day! That experience transforms smart, capable, sane young women into neurotics suffering from panic attacks, headaches, stomach pain and sleepless nights.

We’ve seen dozens of brides after their weddings and asked them, “If you were planning your wedding all over again, what would you do differently and WHY?” We suggest you learn from somebody else’s mistakes!
Most brides have same answers. All of them made common mistakes, perhaps trying to save money, not hiring professionals or just ignoring a valuable advice.
Now, try to see if you would have done same mistakes planning your wedding day:

Hire a Professional Photographer

Many brides thought they can save money on many things, including a Photographer. while shopping for your wedding photographer you will get many quotes and will see many different styles of photography. You should see the difference between good and bad photograph, boring and artistic photograph. This is what will determine the price of photo services.

Do not Compromise! After all, these photos will be your everlasting memories, that you will, hopefully, look at for the rest of your life.
Many brides regret not asking a Photographer to get a photograph with their nearest and dearest.
The day is often such an overwhelming blur that it’s easy to forget to be photographed with the people you love the most. Professional Photographers will discuss your requirements prior to the wedding day and they’ll give you a little nudge on the day to prompt the important shots. They will hunt you down and make you pose!

“I gave my photographer a list of pictures I wanted,” Kristina said, “but I didn’t get one shot with my grandmother. She complains about it every time I see her! I wish I’d been more specific.”
I was disappointed as soon as I saw the photos after our wedding. There were so few photos that I felt I could put in a picture frame – many were blurred – or people had their heads cut off – the lighting was all wrong! Since I have become a wedding supplier I have been following the wedding blogs and every day I see the most wonderful wedding photos and I so wish that we had employed a wedding photographer to capture our special day.


Had a wedding video

This is the number one biggest Bridal regret. Having decent photographs is one thing, but a wedding video truly captures the day. Those that organized a professional to shoot the whole day on film were really glad they had spent the extra money.


Lived in the moment

A lot of Brides become so overwhelmed on their wedding day that they forget to take a step back, breathe and just look at what they’ve created. And finally, enjoy it!
It’s your day, so don’t end up annoyed that you didn’t enjoy every minute of it because you were running around making sure everyone is happy.


Hired a Wedding Planner

We couldn’t count the number of times we’ve heard “I wish I’d had a Wedding Planner”.
Sooo many brides only realize how stressful planning their wedding would be after their big day, and they desperately wish they’d reached out for some help and guidance before it all got too much.
Perfect Event Agency team will be on site for your entire planning process to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Taken a spare pair of comfortable shoes

Did not think about it yet? Well, think again! What ruins a night? Sore feet!
Don’t forget that you’ll be wearing your wedding shoes from mid-morning. Your feet are bound to throb as the day progresses. Have your Maid of Honour look after some comfy flats for you.

Letting the stress take over

The day will go extremely quickly, so it’s important to make the most of it and truly enjoy every moment.
“I made my decisions and then I started second-guessing myself,” Mia sighed. “I kept worrying about whether I’d made the right choice. I burned up all this energy being stressed out, instead of enjoying what it felt like to be engaged.”
Jessica told us that in the end, she discovered that all her team work with her event planner and research paid off…she DID make the right choices. “I should have trusted myself, trusted my event planner instead of worrying. In the end, everything turned out fine.”


I Would Have Savored My Engagement More.

Lisa had a two-year engagement. She gave herself months and months to plan. Still, as soon as he proposed, she dove right into planning.

“I’d been casually shopping around for a dress months before Philip proposed, I knew it was coming” Anna admitted, “so when it finally happened I knew exactly which one I wanted. I started hunting down my photographer and location right away, without even taking a breath.” Lisa was so busy doing things for her engagement that she forgot to notice what it felt like to be engaged. “Looking back, I wished I had slowed down my engagement and let it last longer. Everything went so fast!” she said.

There’s a lot to do when you’re planning a wedding. But as important as it is to do those tasks, it’s also important to take the time to enjoy the experience.
Every few moments, slow down, take a deep breath, and reflect. “This is my wedding I’m planning. I’m getting married!”
No matter how long your engagement, it’s going to FLY. Take the time to savor it.

I Would Have Invited Fewer Guests.

We believe in intimate weddings! You would not want to see people at your wedding that you might not even know! Or invite an old friend from school just to show her how beautiful your wedding compares to her (we all have those thoughts). Well, time to think again, and make some prediction on how it is going to go on a wedding day!

“My one regret,” Diana said, “was having so many people. I chose an average location for my wedding so that I could invite all of the guests on my list and stay within budget. But I wish I hadn’t invited those ‘obligated’ guests. I could have invited fewer people and afforded a much nicer place.”

Brooke found herself in a similar situation. “I only had so much money to spend,” she told me. “My parents pressured me to invite a lot of their friends. There were people at my wedding that I didn’t even know!”

On your wedding day, you owe it to yourself to be surrounded by your closest family and friends. PERIOD. You want to feel loved, enjoy positive vibes and see smiles and happy tears on your friend’s faces! You don’t need drama either on your wedding day or after!


Trending gorgeous wedding colors for fine art brides

We strongly suggest to use one dynamic color for a strong statement and add a few complementary tones.

Dusty Rose and Green.

… if you choose to go with this trendy colors, the possibilities are endless!

Lavender and Lilac.

… if you hear just “purple when you think of these two colors, think again, there’s more to it than just that. The lavender offers a light, dusty quality and the lilac offers a fresher look. Combining the two makes it visually interesting because you aren’t stuck with just one shade.

Dusty Blue and Deep Red.

… Will be a great idea for a beach wedding, to complement the ocean behind you and have red-colored accent colors pop up in a Florida sunlight!

Shades of Blue.

… Looks great in a Garden/park setting for a Wedding Ceremony! It simply makes it so effortlessly beautiful.

Vintage Red and Peach.

This color combination is great for those who like vibrant colors. The amount of floral arrangements to choose from is endless, as are other decor items. We believe those colors will compliment any rustic/ Boho wedding ceremony design!

Off White and Greenery

Another Great choice for Beach/Garden Wedding!


2018 Wedding Trends for Your Big Day (Part 1)

Are you planning a 2018 wedding? Check out latest wedding trends! The great thing about trends, whether in wedding fashion or decor, is that you can pick and mix what resonates with you to add a personal touch to the final look of your Wedding day. At Perfect Event Agency, we are sure, each couple will find something that resonates with them in these 2018 wedding trends


Vintage, 70s, Hippy and Free Spirit – this is what comes to mind when you first see bell-sleeved wedding gowns.  It ain’t new, but in 2018 we are going back in time! Romantic lace with free-spirit vibes is this year’s biggest bridal trend.


Yes! We knew it! It isn’t new to the wedding decor world, but we always had a feeling it will become the biggest trend and it is happening now, in 2018!  We will see a lot of geometric ceremony backdrops in particular, and Perfect Event Agency loves to use custom made geometry backdrops. We include them in pre-set Packages for a “picture perfect” eclectic wedding theme. Our professionals can create custom arch from scratch. Just let us know which shapes inspire you and we will create a sketch, which then becomes your very own unique wedding arch!  We love our triangular A-frame arch design simply complemented with oriental rugs, rustic props, and floral décor. Done forget about Full-circle backdrops! It is popping up in majorly on-trend ceremonies. Read below about 2018 trend for floral decoration and color designs.


We are all about BOHO! Are you? Will you at least consider it? How dreamy kimono sounds for you? We can see how it will compliment your amazing wedding dress and your ceremony designs! You may choose between velvet or fringe, patterned or white, a bridal kimono gives your style a sense of free-spirited romance. Consider staying within the selected color scheme to compliment the setting around you!  


Many brides don’t feel the veils or flower crowns, well 2018 is all about the bridal tiara! Keep it simple with a thin gold or silver band of leaves or go bold with a crystal-embedded crown. You may compliment it with simple flowers, or ribbons. Why not?


Our all-time Favorite eye-catching accent throughout any rustic/eclectic wedding design! Natural, organic wedding – what can be better? Pampas grass and wheat are simply elegant and earthy, paired with accent colored flowers and props. We can use it in any package and trust us, you won’t regret it when your guests will be blown away on your wedding day!  


Stars are so romantic, aren’t they? Time to make it an official wedding trend! We all have favorite cues from literal space – the sun, moon, or stars – or take it further, like astrology, your signs, and horoscope! There are so many unique and creative ways to add a celestial vibe to your wedding.


2018 Wedding Trends for Your Big Day (Part 2)


Here in Florida, we have warm summer and hot summer! It’s summer all year-round, so why not lighten the ambiance a little? We think about alternative summery music styles. You’ve had enough stress preparing for your Special day, create a laid-back vibe during your ceremony with steel drums or a singer accompanied with a guitar.

NEW THEMES – Make it personal!

Classic beach or garden themes will never get old. But why not make it Personal? Share your first date memories, or a first vacation you took together … or even plans you have for the future! Perfect Event Agency planners will add a personal touch to the design and decoration.  


We Offer Champagne bar as an additional Service to add to your package, why not to spice it up and add Wine Smoothies? Your guests will definitely want something cold and frosty, celebrating your love in Florida Beach or a Park, They can enjoy margaritas somewhere else! Surprise them with white/red fruity Wine Smoothies!


You can take a safe route by sticking to Classic summer favors like flip-flops or sunscreen but you must know: Eco-friendly favors are bigger than ever. You may give your guests Organic Tea, that compliments your wedding theme. Or Add Organic Edible Bon Bons from a local vendor! You might also consider donating to a local charity, that idea never goes out of season. We will make a sign to let your guests know you’ve done it on behalf of them This is a sweet way you can spread the love and be totally eco-friendly as well.



How to write wedding vows

If you’re writing your own vows, you’ve chosen an incredible and meaningful way to personalize your wedding ceremony. It’s a chance to tell your story, give guests a peek into what makes your relationship tick, and to share meaningful, sweet words with the person you love. It can also be a pretty challenging task because it’s so intimate—you’re really baring your heart to your fiancé, and you’re doing so in front of your family and friends.

There’s no one template for non-traditional wedding vows, but there are a few pointers that’ll help you craft them. Whether you’re searching for phrasing inspiration, looking for formatting examples, or have specific questions (“How long should wedding vows be?”), we’ve got you covered. Your wedding vow structure is entirely up to you—that’s the beauty of a personalized exchange. Still, most couples appreciate some guidance, which you can find ahead.

Before you take the plunge, remember this: Wedding vows are important because they’re a concrete symbol of your union and commitment. The promises you make to one another on your big day will set the tone for your entire marriage.


Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Plan to have your vows written at least three weeks before your wedding. This will give you time to write without the added pressure of the approaching day and also give you time to practice reciting your vows in front of the mirror. Trust us: You’ll be thankful for the rehearsal when those wedding day jitters kick in!

Start Separately

When you’re ready, schedule some alone time to work on your vows independently. Even if you’re planning on having your a coordinated exchange, you don’t want to influence each other’s words just yet. We recommend starting about one month before the big day. By then, all your planning and decision-making will be nearly finished, and you can focus your mind and heart squarely on the day’s emotion.

Ask Yourself Questions

You have to stay true to yourself and your loved one. Ask yourself questions like “Why have I chosen this person to be my partner? What do I love most about him or her?” Take time to really think about the answers, and translate them into a vow. Open your heart and write your feelings on the paper, we promise you, it’s the easiest way!

Look for inspiration

Once you’ve gathered your own thoughts, feel free to start looking for external inspiration. Some brides and grooms consult movies, books, or other couple’s vows. Go ahead and borrow a favorite quote if you’d like. You can also mix traditional wording with personalized phrasing.

Consider Formatting

Who says you have to stick to prose? Go ahead and draft a poem, a song, or a list of why you love your future spouse. That being said, you can also pull from the past, or simply rehearse an updated version of tradition. For example, you might want to replace “till death do us part” with “as long as we both shall live.”

Stay True to Yourself

Don’t feel the pressure to write something that sounds formal. Speak from your heart and de­scribe your emotions. Then edit the text so that it stands the test of time—consider whether you will feel moved by these words when you look back on them later. If comedy isn’t your thing, then don’t try to be funny. Your vows are about you, so don’t force anything unnatural. Does that mean saying something sappy, instead? Go right ahead.

Consult Each Other

Eventually, make a date to sit down together to share your thoughts. If you want your specific words to be a surprise, at the very least, ensure you both agree on each other’s length or format. We also advise getting permission before sharing something especially intimate about your partner or relationship.

You may also decide to have multiple versions—one for your public ceremony, and one to share privately. Discuss this option, too.

Preserve Them

You’ve worked too hard not to have a copy forever. We like keepsake vow booklets for this purpose. Alternatively or additionally, honor them in other ways, like as décor at your reception.