Are you planning a 2018 wedding? Check out latest wedding trends! The great thing about trends, whether in wedding fashion or decor, is that you can pick and mix what resonates with you to add a personal touch to the final look of your Wedding day. At Perfect Event Agency, we are sure, each couple will find something that resonates with them in these 2018 wedding trends


Vintage, 70s, Hippy and Free Spirit – this is what comes to mind when you first see bell-sleeved wedding gowns.  It ain’t new, but in 2018 we are going back in time! Romantic lace with free-spirit vibes is this year’s biggest bridal trend.


Yes! We knew it! It isn’t new to the wedding decor world, but we always had a feeling it will become the biggest trend and it is happening now, in 2018!  We will see a lot of geometric ceremony backdrops in particular, and Perfect Event Agency loves to use custom made geometry backdrops. We include them in pre-set Packages for a “picture perfect” eclectic wedding theme. Our professionals can create custom arch from scratch. Just let us know which shapes inspire you and we will create a sketch, which then becomes your very own unique wedding arch!  We love our triangular A-frame arch design simply complemented with oriental rugs, rustic props, and floral décor. Done forget about Full-circle backdrops! It is popping up in majorly on-trend ceremonies. Read below about 2018 trend for floral decoration and color designs.


We are all about BOHO! Are you? Will you at least consider it? How dreamy kimono sounds for you? We can see how it will compliment your amazing wedding dress and your ceremony designs! You may choose between velvet or fringe, patterned or white, a bridal kimono gives your style a sense of free-spirited romance. Consider staying within the selected color scheme to compliment the setting around you!  


Many brides don’t feel the veils or flower crowns, well 2018 is all about the bridal tiara! Keep it simple with a thin gold or silver band of leaves or go bold with a crystal-embedded crown. You may compliment it with simple flowers, or ribbons. Why not?


Our all-time Favorite eye-catching accent throughout any rustic/eclectic wedding design! Natural, organic wedding – what can be better? Pampas grass and wheat are simply elegant and earthy, paired with accent colored flowers and props. We can use it in any package and trust us, you won’t regret it when your guests will be blown away on your wedding day!  


Stars are so romantic, aren’t they? Time to make it an official wedding trend! We all have favorite cues from literal space – the sun, moon, or stars – or take it further, like astrology, your signs, and horoscope! There are so many unique and creative ways to add a celestial vibe to your wedding.