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Marriage Proposals

Your Marriage Proposal Concierge

Congratulations! You found the love of your life, and now you are wondering how to propose! And of course, you start by looking for a perfect marriage proposal packages that fit your budget and wants! When it comes to wedding planning, men mostly have no say in it, but the marriage proposal is your only shot at making it unforgettable! The way you propose is a moment that will be forever remembered by your partner. You have to make it unique and personalized, so they are proud to tell their engagement story to their friends, your children, and grandchildren. You can upgrade the diamond, but you can never change a memory.

Make sure you give your partner a proposal of their dreams by hiring a professional Proposal Planner. Our agency will handle everything from start to finish. We created marriage proposal packages to lift the stress off your shoulders and cover every single detail.

What we do

We start by interviewing you to get to know you better, provide you with unique and personalized proposal ideas. You will receive our relationship questionnaire which provides us with details about your relationship and your partner’s interests

  • Help you find the perfect location. 
  • Reservation/Permits for location, if needed.
  • Help find and suggest trusted vendors such as florists, musicians, bakers, artists, etc.
  • Answer any questions you may have.

How it works

During the interview process, our team will come up with customized ideas based on the proposal package of your choice and budget. We will help you establish a style and theme, color palette, and create inspiration boards that reflect the vision of your dream proposal.

We will present you with the list of venues and vendors that are fit for your unique proposal. On the day, we will make sure you don’t think about anything but this perfect moment!

We always give a little extra love to our couples! You don’t have to worry about going over your budget for a photographer! All packages include one-hour professional photography coverage.

marriage proposal packages Miami

All Packages include:

  • Unlimited consultations with our experts.
  • Catch it on camera! We include a photographer for one hour in the price to capture the priceless reaction of your soon-to-be fiance!
  • Unlimited color-corrected photographs that best represent your proposal and ten professionally retouched photos.
  • Vision development consultations to develop a concept for the big day.
  • “She said Yes!” props
  • “Marry Me” sign

Romantic Picnic Proposal

Walk hand in hand along the park or beach with your soon to be fiancé and stumble upon a romantic picnic. We will set up a customized picnic theme chosen by you and your proposal planner based on your interests. This package includes a beautiful picnic blanket, a lot of lush, colorful pillows, framed photos of you and your partner, and rose petals. After you propose, celebrate with chilled Prosecco and a sweet treat.

This package includes:

  • The romantic picnic set up at your choice of park or beach location in South Florida. Recommendations will be provided upon request.
  • A detailed map of a romantic picnic location will be sent to you in advance.
  • Our photographer will capture your proposal and provide a portrait session after if desired. 

Extras can be added from our A La Carte Options.


Romantic Room Makeover

You name the location, and our professional crew makes over the room. Whether you’re visiting the Miami area or are a resident, we come to your home or hotel suite and transform it into a proposal paradise. You provide us with a two-hour window when the room is vacant, and we decorate the room with LED candles, rose petals, and framed pictures of you and yours soon to be fiancé. 

This package includes:

  • A complete romantic makeover of a room at a chosen location. Examples include home, hotel, Airbnb, or outdoor garden.
  • Rose petals, LED candles, balloons, and framed pictures of you and your partner are provided.
  • Bottle of red/white or sparkling wine and chocolate-covered strawberries will be waiting for you in the room.
  • Our photographer will capture your proposal and provide a portrait session after if desired. 


Stargazing Proposal

Take your sweetheart on a sunset/moonlit stroll along with a romantic setting chosen by you and your proposal planner. Stumble upon a ton of candles and balloons, and let your date know that you set it up all for them. A standard bouquet is waiting for you to hand to her once she says yes.

This package includes: 

  • Proposal duration is approximately 10 minutes
  • LED candles and other decorations.
  • Bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers
  • Our photographer will capture your proposal and provide a portrait session after if desired.


Love Story Proposal

You tell your partner it will be a love story photoshoot, and both of you will be camera-ready! You and your partner will go on a standard “Walking Tour” exploring the beautiful scenery. While a photographer takes pictures of you posing at the predetermined romantic spot, you drop to your knee and propose! It is all caught on camera! One of the event planners will come out with a bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers!

This package includes :

  • The proposal duration is 1 hour
  • The photographer takes pictures of you and your partner throughout the journey, followed by the proposal and a portrait session after you get a “Yes”!
  • A standard custom bouquet

marriage proposal packages

Proposal with a view

South Beach, with its a breathtaking ocean view, is perfect for a romantic terrace marriage proposal.

The package includes :

  • Bottle of red/white or sparkling wine and dessert.
  • Our photographer will capture your proposal and provide a portrait session after if desired.
  • LED candles around the perimeter of the rooftop terrace, 
  • A standard custom bouquet

Get in touch

Services, that can be purchased as an addition to any package


  • Transportation
  • Extended Photography Session
  • Videography
  • Your dream bouquet from a local Florist
  • Rose petals
  • Printed framed photos
  • Live Music
  • NEW! Personalized Love Song
  • Styled photo-shoot
  • Engagement Party to share your love with friends and family


Prices will be discussed


Have any questions? Contact our team!

Need some inspiration? Visit and start dreaming of a perfect marriage proposal. Then pick from our marriage proposal packages and lets get started!

marriage proposal packages
marriage proposal packages
marriage proposal packages