Having out-of-town guests at your wedding? You probably already know to make arrangements for their stay—that means securing a block of rooms at a nearby hotel and providing guests with pertinent information for booking. Btw, a professional event planner will do it for you! And we recommend booking a hotel close to the Ceremony Venue!  But you should also consider how you’ll greet guests when they check in, and a welcome bag is a relatively simple—but super-thoughtful—way to let far-flung friends and family know that you’re happy they made the trip. But what to put in it?

Start with the Practical

A well-stocked welcome bag hits a few notes: the useful amenities, the fun add-ons, and the personal touches. For the necessities, think of things guests might want the next morning, such as a few packets of Advil, a tin of mints, a couple of snacks, and bottles of water. (For the latter, think of ditching the Deer Park sticker for a custom label with your new monogram and wedding date on it.)

Add a Touch of Whimsy

Next, sprinkle in a few less practical, pure fun items: a pack of crayons and coloring book if little ones are invited to the wedding, or a book of crossword puzzles for their trip home.

Make It Personal

Then be sure to include more personal items that give your out-of-town guests a taste of the area. It’s perhaps easiest to do this with food!

Oranges may come to mind when you think of Florida citrus but are you familiar with the kumquat? or Key Lime Pie cookies for instance.










Tie it all together by including a list of great places to visit while your guests are in town—your favorite coffee shop, a terrific local breakfast spot, a can’t-miss shop or a must-visit museum—and a personal note thanking guests for traveling to your wedding and wishing them a wonderful night and a safe trip home. But don’t worry about out-of-towners being gone for long: With this sort of a welcome, chances are they’ll be back to visit before you’ve celebrated your first wedding anniversary.