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Bohemian Beach Wedding

This gorgeous wedding inspiration shot by Ivanka Ivanova, effortlessly combines free-spirited bohemian style, a fantastic beach setting, and sophisticated and chic design details. With the acceptance of the bride’s proposal, this dream of an intimate elopement on the beautiful beaches of Florida came to life.

With the venue selected, we focused on another big priority: the decoration and the color palette. When gathering inspiration, we used the colors green, washed grey and a pure whites , which were applied throughout the entire planning process. Different colors of greens, wooden details as well as the palm leaves we collected from the beach gave the perfect touch to this beachy elopement.”

Little by little, inspiration blossomed and each detail became a masterpiece. The planning started to resemble this ultimate beach wedding that every girl has ever dreamed of!


Just got engaged? here is what to do next …

… And some things that can wait.

According to a recent WeddingWire survey, 40 percent of engagements happen between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, with Christmas Day being the most popular day to pop the question. So chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve just gotten engaged (congrats!) and are probably just starting to transition from “Oh my God, I’m getting married!!!!” to “Oh. my. God. I have so much to do.” Wedding planning is stressful, especially in the very beginning, when your to-do list is miles long. How does anyone know where to begin? Don’t worry, Perfect Event Agency has your back! Here, take a look at our short list of things to do as soon as you get engaged, with a chaser of the stuff that can wait.

But first? Deep breath. You’ve got this. Hey! You’ve been dreaming about this moment since you were 5!!!

5 Things To Do Now

1. Insure your ring.

Get an appraisal—most jewelers do this—and add it to your renters or homeowners policy (it’s called a “rider”) or set up separate coverage. Better safe than sorry.

2. Start dreaming (or Pinterest-ing).

Sit down with your partner and envision what sort of wedding you want to have. Outdoor? Ballroom? Rustic? A laid-back party or a black-tie affair? This will help guide your future planning.

We May we suggest a few of our favorite styles! We Love Rustic/Bohemian feel at the Wedding! We do many Beach/Garden Ceremonies! You should consider of planning a beautiful Beach Ceremony on a budget!

3. Set a budget.

The most important part of budgeting your wedding is to set your priorities. Even before you start collecting estimates, talk with your partner about the things that are most important to you and put together a ranked list. There will be a wide range of options available to you in every category, so it helps if you decide ahead of time where you want to allocate funds to choose the top of the line option. Have you always dreamed of having a magazine worthy collection of photos of your big day? You’ll want to make photography a budget priority. Are you determined to throw the party of the century with your friends rocking out until the last call? Prioritize hiring a band that will make your guests pass the hat (twice!) to buy more time at the venue – this actually happened at a particularly legendary wedding in one of our blog team member’s family!

4. Start a (very rough) guest list.

Start out with the big picture instead of trying to list individual names. Do you or your partner have a big family or a tight network of friends? How do the two of you feel about including kids? Where will you draw the “plus one” line? Thinking about these questions will give you an idea of how many people will be on your final guest list, which can help give you a starting point in determining your venue—and also your budget. And don’t forget to be creative on guest registration! Ask our planners about how to make your wedding stand out!

5. Choose a wedding season.

While most of the world prefer to celebrate Weddings Summertime – June and September are generally hugely popular wedding months. We in Florida get busy Fall/Winter time! Hurricane Season is over, the sun does not burn every inch of your body and Vendors are ready to bet back on business! Keep in mind that locations and some wedding pros book up to a year in advance, especially for popular wedding dates. Our expert wedding team can help you navigate this one, we’ve hosted amazing weddings in every season!

… And 5 Things That Can Wait

1. Your wedding dress.

Have fun shopping around and browsing styles online. You don’t have to settle on a dress until six to eight months out.

2. Your seating chart.

Do this once all wedding RSVPs are in.

3. Your bridesmaid dresses.

Settle on these once you’ve chosen your dress. You’ll want to give your ’maids enough time to order and alter them, but have your color scheme and overall theme in place first so the dresses are a good complement.

4. Your wedding flowers.

While you’ll want to book your florist early, choosing your exact flowers isn’t something that needs to be done right away. Instead, let your wedding ideas and inspiration evolve and sit down with your florist closer to your big day to decide between dahlias and delphinium.

5. Your paperwork.

Changing your name? Combining bank accounts? Do this after the wedding. For now, focus on the fun stuff (like showing off your new sparkler).


Surprise your Guests with a Welcome Bag full of goodies!

Having out-of-town guests at your wedding? You probably already know to make arrangements for their stay—that means securing a block of rooms at a nearby hotel and providing guests with pertinent information for booking. Btw, a professional event planner will do it for you! And we recommend booking a hotel close to the Ceremony Venue!  But you should also consider how you’ll greet guests when they check in, and a welcome bag is a relatively simple—but super-thoughtful—way to let far-flung friends and family know that you’re happy they made the trip. But what to put in it?

Start with the Practical

A well-stocked welcome bag hits a few notes: the useful amenities, the fun add-ons, and the personal touches. For the necessities, think of things guests might want the next morning, such as a few packets of Advil, a tin of mints, a couple of snacks, and bottles of water. (For the latter, think of ditching the Deer Park sticker for a custom label with your new monogram and wedding date on it.)

Add a Touch of Whimsy

Next, sprinkle in a few less practical, pure fun items: a pack of crayons and coloring book if little ones are invited to the wedding, or a book of crossword puzzles for their trip home.

Make It Personal

Then be sure to include more personal items that give your out-of-town guests a taste of the area. It’s perhaps easiest to do this with food!

Oranges may come to mind when you think of Florida citrus but are you familiar with the kumquat? or Key Lime Pie cookies for instance.










Tie it all together by including a list of great places to visit while your guests are in town—your favorite coffee shop, a terrific local breakfast spot, a can’t-miss shop or a must-visit museum—and a personal note thanking guests for traveling to your wedding and wishing them a wonderful night and a safe trip home. But don’t worry about out-of-towners being gone for long: With this sort of a welcome, chances are they’ll be back to visit before you’ve celebrated your first wedding anniversary.