While the larger elements of a wedding are incredibly important—a great venue, terrific food, good music—it’s the smaller details and thoughtful touches that make the event unforgettable. Here are five ways to create a lasting impression on your guests, and to keep your wedding feeling anything but cookie-cutter. For other ideas, check out our Pinterest page, or contact one of our seasoned event pros! We at Perfect Event Agency love to plan little details, that others think are not essential! 

Here are some Simple things We, at Perfect Event agency think, will help your wedding to Stand out!


Get playful with your programs

Include important details, of course—how the ceremony will progress; who is in the bridal procession—but also consider sweet, personalized additions like a custom illustration that shows how you met and fell in love, or an infographic with all the stats of your love. For outdoor summer weddings, a fan program is always welcome.





Amp up your cocktail hour 

Hire an on-site artist to do live sketches of guests during the cocktail hour. She will come armed with pen and paper and produce whip-quick—and oh-so-flattering—fashion sketches of guests that they can take home as a wedding memento. While you are getting your First Photoshoot as a husband and wife!




Rethink the Guestbook

Instead of a traditional signed book, let guests fill out a custom Mad-Libs sheet (way more fun to read post-wedding!). Or ditch the paper altogether and let guests pen a message on an item that you can later display in your home. (Inspiration: A couple of avid skiers had guests write their messages in white Sharpies on antique wooden skis that now hang in their house!)








Serve a signature cocktail

Better yet, offer two: One concocted by the groom using his favorite ingredients and mixers, and one by the bride. Place a sign with the cocktail name (the cheekier, the better) and a brief description of the drinks by the bar. Cheers!







Have fun with the food

A dessert bar is a super-popular option for couples, but take it one step further: Try a dip-your-own donut bar; for winter weddings, consider a hot chocolate station where guests can top off their toasty drinks with liqueurs, drizzles of chocolate and marshmallows. Or let guests belly up to a food truck for extra late-night snacks!